Why choose a boat charter for a vacation with family and friends?

27 Feb

We are here to assist you in selecting the ideal time for a cruise and to provide you with all the information you need to plan the trip.

We believe that many questions bother our clients when they want to gather family or friends for a joint vacation.They value spending time together above all else, just like any other family. For the duration of their vacation, which gives them a small taste of freedom, they want to talk, swim, and enjoy each other's company. As many do not get the opportunity to see each other as often as they would like, family members need some alone time to catch up, chat, and enjoy the abundance of Dalmatian cuisine and wine that Croatia has to offer. For a vacation like this, hanging out on a boat is an excellent opportunity and the answer to the question of how to spend time together.

Prior to anything else, it's critical to ascertain the approximate number of guests and select a ship that can accommodate them. Families and friends often consist of 15 to 25 people, so boats like Casablanca or Barbara are perfect for a 7-day boat holiday. Then, you must pick a location that is safe, has a nice weather prediction, is free of hurricanes and abrupt weather changes, has an azure blue sea, is free of unanticipated animals in the sea, and has a cuisine that is abundant in seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Only one place can offer everything mentioned above: Croatia!

We are here to assist you in selecting the ideal time for a cruise and to provide you with all the information you need to plan the trip. How to start planning this? You must first decide on a date of vacation and recommend a location you want to visit on the Croatian coast. To see the entire coast in seven days is a really challenging task. To be precise, Croatia is home to over a thousand islands, and for this reason, our visitors visit six or seven different islands throughout their multiple visits to Croatia. Ensuring that the guests have the best possible time on every island, as each one is distinct in some manner and has something unique to see or experience. Following the selection of a cruise area, we recommend which ports to visit. Some locations have extremely vibrant nightlife and entertainment, which is not everyone's cup of tea. We therefore recommend a cruise itinerary that would enable them to have a quiet and relaxing vacation while avoiding crowds and disturbances. Our visitors frequently inquire about the minimum age requirement to cruise on the ship as well as whether they can bring their kids along. We are spatially adapted and parents who came with babies on our cruises  had a very pleasant and relaxing vacations. Many visitors like to experience the exciting nightlife everywhere they go, and we have recommendations for all of them. We suggest locations with nightclubs on remote islands that cater to individuals seeking limitless enjoyment. You may relax knowing that these clubs have arranged for transportation from the island to the charter, and that skilled boat drivers will be handling your transfer.

The next question is what kind of food do we serve to our guests... We try our best to be as accommodating as we can and to fulfill the requests of our guests. Even though it's not always simple, we consistently get great results and receive wonderful feedback from our guests. Mostly, people come to Croatia to taste top quality fish, shellfish and crabs.  In order to provide our guests an authentic and remarkable taste of Croatian food, we strive to serve them fresh. We always support our local fisherman where we frequently buy fish from.  After working in this business for many years, we've observed that majority of our guests prefer fresh seafood such as oysters, and it doesn't get fresher than buying it than locally from a nearby island. 

This has an indescribable effect on our guests and leaves the feeling that we live in a clean environment where nature still gives its best, which it does and we do. Markets in Croatia are open and always offer fresh, locally produced vegetables. Right near to the vibrant city center, the markets in Split and Trogir provide a remarkable sensory experience of flavors, scents, and colours. Friendly bidders are local producers who pay great attention to the presentation of their products. Additionally, you are able to sample every product before purchasing, and there is no way to describe the experience of being a part of the downtown area. It really has its own charm. Our guests often ask which wines we recommend. There are numerous top quality wines available in Croatia, which will round off an exceptional gastronomic experience. It also all depends what area is the guest is visiting as we always recommend wines from the specific region. If we are cruising in southern Dalmatia, we recommend wines such as the Pošip, Kujunđuša, Rukatac, Grk, Zifandel, etc. Red wines are the must-have Dingač, Plavac and Postup. Our guests have extraordinary experiences when visiting wineries where they have the opportunity to taste wines. Moreover, if the guests have wishes for special wines and sparkling wines, champagnes, everything is possible. In order to give the guests the best possible cruise experience, we are here to fulfill all of their needs.

For the adventurous, we have special tours that include a walking tour of the island with experienced guides. This makes rest active, but not exhausting. In Croatia, the summers are unbearably hot and not ideal for long walks outside. Therefore, we organize our leaders in the early morning hours or at sunset. This provides the visitor with a unique experience of exploring the location and coming together with local communities that embodies Croatia's untouched natural beauty in tiny towns.