The island of Korčula a paradise for hedonists

The island of Korčula a paradise for hedonists
04 Apr

The island of Korčula, one of the thousand Croatian islands, is rarely bypassed by nautical guests. An island with countless possibilities for pleasure, entertainment, experiencing gastronomy in an original way. Simply, beautiful.

We will attempt to summarize the top attractions and things to do during a seven-day vacation to the island of Korčula.

The island of Korčula is traditionally covered with vineyards and olive groves cultivated by the local population, always hospitable, ready to host any visitor. Korčula stretches almost 47 km in length, and on it there are a number of interesting villages, small picturesque places, where the crown of the island is the town of Korčula. The ubiquitous tradition, knightly games and dances, folkloric jousts, the power of cathedrals and churches that are regularly maintained, bear witness to a rich cultural heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. 

As already mentioned beforehand, the jewel of the island is the town of Korčula, a collection of exceptional Venetian-Gothic architecture on a narrow peninsula. Korčula captivates tourists with its ageless charm, featuring stone walkways, stairways, plazas, and walls. The world's only herringbone structure can be found in the alleyways, and Korčula's old town has been added to the esteemed UNESCO list of cultural heritage because of its historical landmarks. Tradition holds that Marco Polo, the global traveler, adventurer, travel writer, and trader who brought the most fascinating documents from China, was born and raised in Korčula. Marco Polo's hometown is a topic of great discussion, although it is without a doubt from the Republic of Venice. We wholeheartedly support visiting Marko Polo's museum in Korčula, as it is truly worthy of his homeland. 

Knight games

Of special interest are the Knight's Games in Korčula, Moreška, which is one of the Republic of Croatia's protected cultural heritage. The piece is a dance and drama hybrid, with the dramatic section depicting a standard battle between two armies for a girl, but its true essence is the historical collision of civilizations. It is performed with musical accompaniment composed in 1937 by Krsto Odak, and consists of eight separate choreographic parts - the first is the introductory dance figure sfida (challenge) and seven different fencing figures - kolapa. Another knightly game that is performed in Korčula is the dance of colors with swords performed by the Kumpanija folklore troupe. It is a ritual fencing dance that reflects the military spirit of the people who have defended the island from various invaders throughout history. Folk costumes represent different cultures that have passed through the island and left their mark.

Cultural Heritage

The city's attractions are especially fascinating, and we always advise seeing them with one of our top-notch tour guides. The Abbey Treasury, the City Museum, the Mark Polo Interpretation Center, the Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral of St. Mark, churches, and galleries are all highly recommended.

Visits to wineries

The island has a long and interesting tradition of wine production dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and viticulture is an important economic activity today. Korčula is known for its high-quality wines and offers many wineries that are worth visiting. Whether you are a fan of white or red wine, there is something for everyone and everyone will feel Korčula wine on their palates for a long time. Pošip wine was declared famous in 1967 and thus became the first Croatian white wine with a protected geographical origin. Toreta winery is located in the heart of the island of Korčula, in the town of Brno. It got its name from the stone field house that served as a storage room for tools and shelter from the rain, of which there are hundreds on Korcula today.

This family winery, which has existed since 1997, is run by Frano Baničević and his sister. The tasting room is spacious, cozy, with great artifacts from the island's history, and the winery itself offers three autochthonous Korčula grape varieties: pošip, rukatac and plavac. The Nerica winery is hidden in Čara, a place with narrow streets and incredible climbs and a labyrinth of alleys. You will be in awe of the breathtaking view of the Čara field, the surrounding hills covered in pines and maquis, and the distant islands of Mljet and Lastovo. The winery offers wine tasting with the indispensable Crni Pošip, a variety that is almost extinct. At the top of the beautiful Lumbarda is the winery of the Bire family. Frano Milina named the winery after his family nickname. Their grapes grow in four locations, on sand, red soil, stone and mixed soil, and the most famous is Defora, the stone terraces overlooking Lastovo (de fora - the outer part of the island), from which they achieve the best results. Bire Winery is a must-see for all lovers of top quality wine. For lovers of a gastronomic experience, Konoba Maha, a traditional island restaurant in ranch style run by the Marelić family, is located on the hill above Žrnovo. Apart from the quaint pub situated on the estate, there's a large terrace and an olive-trellised vegetable garden. Classic Dalmatian regional meals make up the menu, with fresh local fish and seafood serving as the house specialties. This place is famous for the dish Peka, which is prepared from lamb or goat, which is slowly roasted over smoldering coals, and which is ordered in advance. They suggest dining in the large, aromatic garden in the summer, which is bordered by ancient fig trees and Mediterranean herbs. 

The best beaches for swimming...

The sea and beaches on Korčula are the most recognizable characteristics of the island. The island offers a number of beaches where you can find additional facilities such as equipment rental for recreation and sports, boat rental, beach volleyball court and beach bar.

1. Beach Žal - Prižba - Prižba's main beach is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque on the whole island of Korčula.

2. Prigradica Beach - Žal in the central part of Prigradica is certainly one of the best places for swimming if you visit this bay on the north coast of Korčula.

3. Žitna Beach - Zavalatica - a very popular beach with shaded places under pine trees.

4. Beach Čavića - Zavalatica - You can enjoy the crystal-clear, blue water on this beach along with a stunning view of the vast ocean.

5. Pupnatska Luka Beach - Pupnat - Pupnatska luka is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Korčula, and is located in the central southern part of the island.

6. Beach Bačva - Pupnat - an equally popular and beautiful pebble beach Bačva, located east of Pupnatska harbor, is particularly popular during the peak season. However, regardless of when you visit the beach, it is always stunning. 

7. Pržina Beach – Lumbarda - The island of Korčula conceals Pržina Beach, the only sandy beach. Throughout the whole island, it is one of the busiest beaches. Beach volleyball courts, eateries, well-known cafes, and a variety of beach entertainment options may all be found close to the beach. Family holidays with small children will find Pržina ideal because of the shallow sea.

8. Proizd Beach - Vela Luka - Among the most exquisite beaches in Korčula are those located on the island known as Proizd. Situated in the westernmost region of Korčula island, Prozid is home to numerous stunning beaches featuring stunning hues of blue and turquoise.